28 days to health, detoxification and weight loss

11th January 2016 - 2 minutes read

Is your New Year resolution to feel and look better? Do you experience symptoms such as:

Dull skin and skin issues
Poor sleep
Hormonal issues
Weigh gain or fat retention

Then you will definitely benefit from a cleansing programme such this one. This 28 day programme is designed to support natural cleansing processes of the body while restoring health and accelerating fat loss. At the end of this programme you will feel lighter with great looking skin, hair, full of energy, greater sleep, and much more.


VitaliDetox – 28day Programme for health, detoxification and weight loss

Your investment in your health £150

This programme includes:

1x initial consultation in person, Skype or phone (60 minutes) including comprehensive health and diet assessment
Diet and lifestyle plan including foods and meal ideas to assist detox and cleansing of the body as well as stress management and sleep hygiene
Supplementation plan* (if you choose to)
1x 30 minute session in person in week 3 to discuss your progress and any difficulties you may have
2x 15 minutes progress review in week 2 and 4 by phone or Skype
Email or sms support for the duration of your programme
My full commitment and support

On top of that, you programme also includes:
FREE access to weekly email with up to date health news, tips, recipes and special offers
15% discount on supplementation and health products*
Discount on functional testing where appropriate

*Functional testing, supplementation and natural remedies are not included in the price.


For more information or to start your programme please contact me here.