Thyroid part 5 – essential testing

Published on 29th June 2016

There is so many factors influencing thyroid health as you have learned in previous lessons….

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Thyroid Part 4 – autoimmunity

Published on 20th June 2016

In the last part of my seriesĀ I was explaining how adequate nutrients – the raw…

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Thyroid Part 3 – what are the essential nutrients for thyroid health

Published on 7th June 2016

In previous lesson you have learned what happens if your thyroids starts playing up. Today…

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Thyroid Part 2 – what happens if you thyroid starts playing up

Published on 19th May 2016

In previous lesson you have learned what thyroid actually is and what is its function…

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Thyroid – what is thyroid and why is it important for us?

Published on 10th May 2016

I would like to share with you somethingĀ that is maybe not very familiar to you,…

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What about bread?

Published on 18th April 2016

Bread mainly made from wheat is a common staple food around the world. Although it…

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What? My gut is leaking?

Published on 4th April 2016

Problems in the gut not only affect digestion and absorption of nutrients, they can cause…

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What do you eat for breakfast?

Published on 20th March 2016

Do you or your family members either skip your breakfast or have something quick on…

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Are smoothies healthy?

Published on 10th March 2016

So many of you are asking me what is my view about smoothies, are they…

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Are you on a road to autoimmunity?

Published on 2nd March 2016

Autoimmunity is thought to be the leading cause of death in developed countries. An autoimmune…

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