Thyroid Part 4 – autoimmunity

Published on 20th June 2016

In the last part of my seriesĀ I was explaining how adequate nutrients – the raw…

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Thyroid – what is thyroid and why is it important for us?

Published on 10th May 2016

I would like to share with you somethingĀ that is maybe not very familiar to you,…

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What? My gut is leaking?

Published on 4th April 2016

Problems in the gut not only affect digestion and absorption of nutrients, they can cause…

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Are you getting enough protein?

Published on 18th February 2016

Protein is the building block of our body. As well as being essential for growth…

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28 days to health, detoxification and weight loss

Published on 11th January 2016

Is your New Year resolution to feel and look better? Do you experience symptoms such…

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10 tips to eat smart this Christmas

Published on 7th December 2015

According to British Dietetic Association, over the festive period, which seems to kick off earlier…

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It is almost a “pumpkin time”

Published on 29th September 2015

It is the time of the year again for pumpkins..especially home made pumpkin soup. Pumpkins…

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The best bread recipe ever

Published on 18th July 2015

Yes, made it again! This is the best gluten/dairy free bread recipe ever. Ideal for…

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I love beetroot

Published on 6th July 2015

I have just bought some beetroot from the supermarket today. I seem to be having…

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Turkey and vegetables balls

Published on 20th April 2015

I have been asked to share this recipe for some time now. Such an easy,…

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