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Lenka Gibfriedova
Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach in Watford

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In this 20 minute phone session I will evaluate you or your family member’s current health and provide you with my top three strategies that you can implement immediately

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Are you a busy mum?

– Are you a busy mum who is constantly tired, bloated or whose
hormones are all over the place?

– Have you got concerns about your husband’s or partner's high levels of stress, weight
issues or high blood pressure?

– Do your children experience repeated ear infections, constant colds,
suffer from eczema, or do your suspect food intolerances?


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Welcome to VitaliHealth, I am Lenka and I work with busy mums who want practical and effective solutions to achieve the best possible health for themselves and their family.

How can I help you

I will help you to achieve the best possible health for you and your 
family using completely tailor made programmes that combine nutrition
together with natural treatment methods and practical health coaching.

My programmes - Vitali You, Vitali
Optimum and Vitali Comprehensive
each offer a different levels of
support, duration and range of solutions.

What people say

As a result of working with me, me clients tell me they are more in control or their own and their families health, and they say the whole family benefits. People described working with me as “exactly what my family desperately needed”, “she genuinely seems to care”, “she really understood our needs and situation”, or “she makes healthy cooking seem so achievable”.