If I were PM

30th April 2015 - 2 minutes read

As a nation we can only be as good as what we eat

Jamie Oliver has been campaigning for better food for some years now. His recent campaign for Better Food Education needs more support than ever. With the global obesity epidemic and the horrifying prospect that the next generation will live shorter lives that their parents, something needs to be done and fast!

In recent Independent article, Jamie was asked how Britain would look if he was prime minister. Here is a snapshop of Jamie’s vision:

“If I were PM, I’d strive to improve health”, he says.

“Getting the nation to eat more vegetables and fruit would not only give the nation radically different health prognosis but it would be better for the environment, too.”

“Public health and well-being would be at the heart of all policy.”

“To help and inspire people to eat at least five-a-day, there’d be zero VAT on all fresh vegetables and fruit.”

“I’d give more support to organic, small, family farmers.”

“And I would have the clearest an most honest food labelling in the world.”

“Civic food in every hospital and old people’s home would be consistently food and nourishing.”

“More resources would be put into supporting women to eat well in pregnancy and to enable mums to breastfeed”

I would vote for Jamie, would you? What is important to you?

To read the whole article click here

To sign and share Jamie’s Petition for Better Food Education click here



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