Should I be supplementing with vitamin D?

10th August 2015 - 2 minutes read

Vitamin D has hit the headlines again last week because government is now recommending that everyone should supplement with vitamin D to avoid the health complications associated with deficiency. (

Although we are in the middle of the summer, unless you are eating huge amounts of fortified cereals (which I certainly don’t recommend) or dairy produce such as butter, or spending 30 minutes a day in direct sunlight in minimal or no clothing and without sunscreen, then you are more than likely to be deficient in vitamin D.

I have myself recently taken a test to check my vitamin D levels, and surprise surprise, I was shocked to find out that I was deficient too!


So what is vitamin D important for?

  • Regulates calcium levels in the blood and tissue
  • Essential for normal bone growth and density
  • Important regulator of cell development throughout the body
  • Regulates immune system function and enhances the activity and response of white blood cells


So shall I go and buy some vitamin D supplements?

No, not so fast, it is very important to have your levels checked first to establish exactly whether you are deficient and if so how much of Vitamin D you should supplement with.

Most nutritional therapists like myself can organise this simple test for you.


Meanwhile you can:

Spend plenty of time outside in the sun whenever you can without wearing a sunscreen (obviously avoid getting burn in the middle of the day).

Increase the consumption of vitamin D-rich foods: salmon, tuna, eggs, liver, cheese, butter.

Accept my invitation for a FREE HEALTH ASSESSMENT where I will evaluate you or your family member’s current health and provide you with solutions that you can implement immediately or advice you on appropriate testing when necessary.



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