Does this sound familiar

– Do you want to be in control of your own and/or your families health, providing your family with the best health promoting diet and lifestyle

– Are you overwhelmed and confused with all the health information that is out there, not sure what is and what is not healthy

– Do you or a family member have ongoing health issues including digestive discomfort, skin problems, constant tiredness, food intolerances, hormonal issues, weight problems, or suffer from an autoimmune disease.

– Are you struggling to come up with healthy ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner for yourself and your family or lacking confidence to try new ideas and new recipes

– Do you feel it is too difficult and/or too expensive to stick to healthy eating and cooking long term because you are too busy or too tired

– Do you need a step by step meal/lifestyle plan with easy healthy recipes or advice where and what to buy on weekly basis within your budget or do you actually need someone to show you how to cook or prepare a healthy meal or even take you shopping

– Do you need someone who appreciates the challenges you are facing, someone to guide you, support you to get motivated, someone who really understands your and your family’s needs and circumstances.


Don't despair, HELP IS HERE!

I offer a range of completely tailor made programmes that combine nutrition together with natural treatment methods and practical health coaching. My programmes - Vitali You, Vitali Optimum and Vitali Comprehensive each offer a different levels of support, duration and range of solutions.

Your programme could include:

– Initial phone call

– Initial in clinic, home*, phone or Skype consultation 

– Diet and lifestyle plan and/or supplementation plan

– Weekly or bi-weekly phone or Skype sessions to discuss your progress, and fine-tune your programme 

– Phone calls or emails in between sessions

– Cookery sessions of your choice

– Shopping experience


On top of that your programme may also include:

– FREE access to weekly mail with up to date health news, tips and recipes

– 15% discount on supplementation and health products**

– Discount on functional testing where appropriate


*Additional fee for home visits applies 

**Functional testing, supplementation and natural remedies are not included in the price.


Start right now by accepting my invitation for your FREE 20 minute health assessment where I will evaluate you and your family member's health and give your my top three strategies that you can implement immediately. All you have to do is to fill in your details below and I will contact you to book your FREE session in.

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