Are you on a road to autoimmunity?

Published on 2nd March 2016

Autoimmunity is thought to be the leading cause of death in developed countries. An autoimmune…

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Fancy rice rolls with almond butter dip

Published on 22nd August 2015

Are you planning a weekend dinner party, picnic or just gathering with you friends? Do…

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What is all the fuss about gluten?

Published on 10th July 2015

My own experience with gluten Recently I posted an article (see my blog) about┬ámy personal…

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My ultimate almond pancakes

Published on 24th May 2015

There is nothing more delicious on a Bank holiday morning than a warm, soft pancakes…

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Almond and apple cake

Published on 4th May 2015

Need an inspiration for a simple and healthy cake? This is a fabulous gluten-free and…

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