Thyroid Part 3 – what are the essential nutrients for thyroid health

7th June 2016 - 3 minutes read

In previous lesson you have learned what happens if your thyroids starts playing up. Today you are going to find out what are the essential nutritients your body requires for healthy thyroid function.

As with other organs and tissue in our body, we need a proper nutrition to build, repair and maintain our body. In order to keep our thyroid healthy these following nutrients are essential:

Tyrosine – is with iodine the main building block of our thyroid hormone. Tyrosine is an amino acid found in protein rich foods such as chicken, turkey, fish or cottage cheese. So making certain that we eat protein with every meal is crucial especially in those who might have impaired protein digestion.

Iodine – there has been a lot of controversy regarding iodine and thyroid health. Iodine together with tyrosine make our thyroid hormones. Thyroid is the only organ in our body that absorbs iodine and it only requires tiny amounts of iodine daily to work. Most of us are consuming adequate, often higher amount of iodine as a iodized salt in many fast and processed foods. But if you are concern about lacking in iodine, there are many healthy sources of iodine in seafood and seewead such as wakame or kelp. You can also determine your iodine status from urine test.

Zinc – most people with hypothyroidism are thought to be deficient in this crucial mineral. Zinc is needed for the chemical reaction within the thyroid, essential for the conversion of the inactive T4 to active T3 as well as adding proper digestion and absorption of protein. Great sources are meat, fish, seeds and nuts.

Selenium – is needed to protect the thyroid against free radical damage, aids iodine absorption and helps to activate and utilize thyroid hormones by the cell. Great sources are Brazil nuts, one or two of these nuts a day is all it takes to get enough of selenium.

Next time will be looking into autoimmunity Рwhy and how is our body attacking our own thyroid, and not only thyroid, so keep tuned in.

Meanwhile if you have any questions about the above or any other symptoms or would like to discuss any of your health concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.