Why am I so exhausted?

23rd July 2015 - 2 minutes read

Have you improved your diet (learn my 5 natural solutions to boost your energy levels) – reduced refined and processed food, stimulants and increased fluid intake? Are you getting enough B and C vitamin-rich foods, and yet you are still feeling sluggish and exhausted? While it is normal to feel tired every now and then, a constant state of fatigue could indicate an underlying issue.


6 possible root causes of fatigue:


Food sensitivities – especially gluten

Toxins – these can include mycotoxins (from mold), or heavy metal toxicity

Infections – these can include gut infections like Candida, Lyme or Epstein-Barr disease, as well as parasites.

Deficiencies – these can be B12 or iron deficiencies, as well as zinc, magnesium, vitamin C or other B vitamins involved in the energy production

Hormonal imbalances – thyroid and adrenal imbalances are very common root cause of fatigue

Environmental – lack of sleep, poor sleep hygiene, lack of fresh air, physical activity or high levels of stress




Are you concerned about any possible causes of your fatigue? Are you or any of your family members experiencing any new or recurrent health issue that may not have been resolved by your GP? Do you feel there is just something not right with your health although your tests results are negative?

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